Python Flashcards

Python is not a bad language to learn how to program a computer, but it’s syntax and layout rules are a bit different from other languages. In the early days, kids in a club will keep asking for regular help decoding what that “SyntaxError” message means. The Python Flashcards are a useful tool to stop you being run ragged. Continue reading

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Milton Keynes Raspberry Jam #8

Today was Raspberry Jam #8 in Milton Keynes. Originally Peter (@PeterOnion) who runs the jams at the National Museum of Computing (@tnmoc) at Bletchley Park, wasn’t sure whether there would be enough interest over Easter, but advertised it anyway, and all 40 tickets were sold – it was a packed house, lots of new visitors and also some familiar faces.

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Raspberry Pi STEM Club – 50 enthusiastic kids

Today I went with my STEM Ambassador hat on to a secondary school in Essex, to help out at a lunchtime science club, and to help launch a Raspberry Pi aspect in their existing after school STEM club.

The science teacher had mentioned at an assembly this week that the school were looking into getting some Raspberry Pi computers for use in the after school club, and if anyone was interested, to get in contact. I don’t think she was quite prepared for what was to follow!

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13 year old mini girl geek sums up the essence of software with one key phrase

13 year old Amy Mather at the CPC Raspberry Jamboree 9th March talking about her game of life simulation for the Raspberry Pi.

In it, there is one particular phrase she used that cleverly summed up my 35 years as a software engineer…. “I want to make the computer do what I want it to do, not what others designed it to do”. Hooray! At last, someone who understands!

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Milton Keynes Raspberry Jam, Sun 24th Feb 2013

I’ve only recently come to join the Raspberry Pi party, a little bit of a late arriver, but what I have discovered is that there is a huge, enthusiastic and very talented movement behind the whole thing. After a great chat on the phone a few weeks ago with Alan O’Donohoe @teknoteacher, the founder of the Raspberry Jam movement, I decided it was time to go along to my first jam and see what it was all about.

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