About me

David Whale B.Sc (Hons) MIET


Software geek, embedded software engineer, School Science Ambassador (Essex/Herts), IET Essex Schools Liaison Officer, member of IET Essex Local Network committee. Computing enthusiast since I was about 11.

I spend most of my time writing computer software, showing others how to write computer software, running computer clubs, or talking about computer software. It’s been like this since I was 11, and I still thoroughly enjoy it.

I’m quite active with the Raspberry Pi and at the Raspberry Jam’s, and I spend a lot of time helping schools set up after-school Raspberry Pi clubs.

I am the technical advisor to The Institution of Engineering and Technology (The IET) for the BBC micro:bit project, and have written a number of the resources used both by the BBC and The IET.

I’ve been developing computer software (mainly embedded, but also database & web software) commercially since I was about 14.

As a degree qualified engineer and a professional member of the IET, I am passionate about protecting the future of the industry that I work in. I see the work that I do in schools and at Raspberry Jam’s as a good way to do this.

A large part of this passion is that I’m also on a bit of a mission to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists – besides, our future is in their hands, and we’ll be handing over this responsibility to the kids of today sooner than you think.


(author) Adventures in Minecraft, Nov 2014

(editor) Adventures in Raspberry Pi, Dec 2013

(editor) Getting Started with Raspberry Pi and Python, Sept 2015

(editor) Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Zero, March 2015

(editor) Python Projects for Kids, April 2015

(editor) The Mag Pi, Issue 31-Issue 40, March 2015-December 2015

(editor) The Raspberry Pi Projects Book 1, 2015

(editor) Magpi, Conquer the command line, 2015

(editor) Magpi, Make Games with Python, 2015

TV Appearances

Tuesday 22nd March, 7pm BBC1 The One Show – The BBC micro:bit at Jodrell Bank.


  • F.L. Steven, R.G. Adams, G.B. Steven, L. Wang, and D.J. Whale, “Addressing mechanisms for VLIW and superscalar processors,” Microprocessing and Microprogramming, vol. 39, nos. 2-5, December 1993, pp. 75-78. referenced here


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